Amiens - August 8, 1918

The Battle of Amiens (also known as the 'Black day for the German Army') started at 4:20am on the 8th of August 1918. Dense fog had fallen that morning but the men of all five divisions Australians were ready for battle. The Canadian corps had the right flank while 2 divisions of the British army covered the left flank. The 2nd and the 3rd Divisions of the Australian forces were the main attacking force with about 3.6km to cover. The 4th and 5th stood ready in support of these troops.  Two brigades  from the 2nd and 3rd crept forward to within about 80m of the enemy trench line. Behind these four brigades were other infantry units and pioneers and behind them still were tanks ready to take to the front as soon as the fighting started.

Without the usual bombardment to warn them, the Germans were taken completely by surprise and by 7:30am the troops had broken through the German line with such force that much of the German field artillery was taken. This surprising attack ensured that there were fewer casualties among the attacking force.

For the First time during the war the supporting troops kept pace with the attacking force and when the 2nd and 3rd reached their final objectives and dug in, the 4th and 5th kept going with the assault. The infantry was now charging from extended lines, with men spread out left and right trying to strive forward.